Giorgio Fedon

1919-An easy-to-remember date of birth.
In a place of enchanting beauty, the Dolomites. The story of Giorgio Fedon & Figli has strong Italian roots in Valesella, in the heart of the Cadore Region.

Here, at the end of the first world war wose were the production of eyewear cases began, using equipment wich innovative properties continue to amaze us even today.

Eighty-five years later, the Fedon Group is a world leader of the market. Vallesella was once again the setting when, in year 2000, the Giorgio Fedon 1919 brand was launched, a new line of luxury leather goods, personal accessories and high-end, handmade stationery.


A complete range of articles dedicated to those wanting the best for themselves. A real combination of technology and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The leather, writing and desk articles were designed with their specific functions in mind but aimed at those who are looking for innovation, refinement and quality for themselves or to give to others.

The wide range of Giorgio Fedon 1919 products are unified by the company colours, black and orange, and their motto for success “classic craftsmanship and avant-garde design”.